‘A real hero’: Lake mungos rescued after ‘sudden demise’

A man is in hospital after he was pulled from the depths of Lake Mungo in central Queensland.

Key points:The man is one of two people rescued from the lake on SaturdayTwo people were taken to hospital with minor injuriesThe man suffered severe injuries, was conscious when he was taken to the hospital and is in stable conditionA rescue helicopter flew the man to a nearby hospital where he is being treatedTwo people have been rescued from Lake Munki after “sudden death” due to hypothermia.

Key Points:The men were rescued from their boat in the middle of Lake Minniewah near Wollongong.

The helicopter crew said they found the men unconscious.

They were rescued after the helicopter crew found them unconscious.

One man was in critical condition, while the other was in a stable condition.

The rescue helicopter crew and the local residents said they had been trying to save the men’s lives for over 24 hours.

“We were working on the boat in Lake Minwah, which is the main lake in Lake Munglewah,” a spokesman for the regional town of Wollongsdale told ABC Radio Queensland.

“The helicopter was coming from Wollingsdale to help us, but the pilot saw a man coming out of the water and he got scared and started to dive into the water.”

So we went in and rescued him.

“The man was conscious and speaking, but he had severe injuries.

The man had suffered severe hypothermic shock and a “significant amount of hypothermias” and was conscious but in a “very distressed” condition, a spokesperson for Wollonsdale Regional Hospital said.”

The men were in critical conditions and we had to make an emergency decision to try and save their lives.””

There was no resuscitation attempts.

The men were in critical conditions and we had to make an emergency decision to try and save their lives.”

Our rescue helicopter was flying at around 70 kilometres per hour (43 miles per hour).

“It was a very fast helicopter, we had a pilot who had to get on board to get the helicopter out of trouble.”

He had severe hypnosis and was struggling.

“There was a lot of hypnosis.”

It took a while to get it through.

“That was the end of the rescue attempt.”

The men, who are both from Wollsdale, were pulled from Lake Minmawah about 2.30pm Saturday.

Mr Krakowski said the rescue helicopter crews were told by the pilot to try to save their life but they were not aware of a need for that at the time.

“Obviously we do our best to save lives and we know that sometimes you don’t need to save people’s lives,” he told the ABC.

“But the pilot did what he thought was the right thing to do.”

You see people in distress, they’ve got severe hypoglycemia, they’re unconscious.

And they’re in the water, they can’t breathe.

“So it’s a bit of a scary situation, but that’s the nature of rescue work.”

The helicopter pilot had to fly in the area to the rescue efforts, he said, as he was “quite shocked” to see the man.

“I thought I would have been a little bit surprised, but I was really shocked to see it happen,” Mr Krakowski said.

He said the rescuers were “really good at saving people” and the pilot was “very experienced”.

“He’s a very experienced helicopter pilot,” he added.

“As soon as the helicopter came in, he got on board and the helicopter pilot immediately got in contact with us.”

Mr Krekowski said he had no idea if the helicopter would land safely or not, but it was “a good thing” it was doing so.

“When we got out there, the helicopter did not crash.

It landed OK, there was no damage to the helicopter.”

One of the helicopter pilots, he had to be resuscitated and he had some severe injuries and we got him back to hospital.

“At the end, he’s in good condition and he’s speaking.”

The ABC has asked the Queensland Government for more details about the rescue and if there are any charges to be laid.