How to safely paddle the table rock lake park at Burke Lake in Calgary

A popular summer spot for paddle boarding, Burke Lake Park is now closed for the season after an avalanche hit the park.articleWith the park closed, it will reopen to the public on July 17, said park spokeswoman Rachel O’Brien.

It’s a “very, very dangerous place” for paddle boarders, she said.

The park closed at 7:30 a.m.

Thursday and reopened at 9 a.M.

Saturday, she added.

Park staff are checking the avalanche site for any possible debris and will be using the latest avalanche detection technology, she noted.

“We’re doing the best we can to try to contain the damage and ensure that there are no injuries or deaths,” she said, adding that the park has been closed to the general public since Monday.

A huge avalanche hit Burke Lake on Saturday, destroying several pavilions and forcing the park to close.

The Park Service says about a half-dozen pavilments and a few benches were also destroyed.

The park closed to all visitors, but a handful of people managed to return to the park, O’Byrne said.

She said she’s never seen so much damage before.

There are no further details about the injuries and fatalities, including the extent of the injuries.

Burke Lake is the largest lake in the Lower Mainland and sits in the middle of the Bow River Valley.

Its name comes from a lake in northern British Columbia that was first settled by the First Nations people who used it for hunting.

In 2013, a massive avalanche struck the lake, killing three people and damaging many pavilages.

A year later, a similar event in May destroyed a pavilion and injured five people.

In February 2017, another large avalanche killed three people.