How to survive a lake that is killing you

The world’s most visited lake is killing its inhabitants in India.

According to the government, Lake Ouachitas has become the world’s largest lake and the most polluted.

The lake is one of the most iconic water bodies in the world and it is known for its white colour.

The government has been battling the disease for years and the government is now worried about how many people are affected.

The government has set up a committee to help tackle the disease and to find solutions to the water pollution, a spokesperson from the ministry of environment said.

The water quality in the lake is not good, the spokesperson added.

The lake is home to the country’s largest indigenous people, the Aymara.

The Aymaras live in the mountains of Lake Ouzat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are also known for being one of India’s oldest and most powerful tribes.

In addition to the Aumas, the lake has other indigenous people like the Manduwas, a tribe from the western Andaman Sea, and the Asiatic and Bornean Bats.

The population of Lake Ouachitas in India is estimated at 3.5 million people.

The water quality is bad and the population is very high, according to the official statement.

The Aumans live in a small village called Travancore, which is surrounded by the lake.

According the official, they suffer from water pollution every day.

According to the local authorities, there are no sewage treatment plants at the lake, and people use the lake for bathing, fishing and other recreational activities.

The officials are also worried about the lake’s effect on tourism.

They are also looking into the possibility of installing toilets at the water level in the village.

However, there is no information on how many tourists have been affected by the pollution in the villages around Lake Oujachits.

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