How to tell if a pond is white or blue in the winter?

We’re all about winter in New Zealand, so the question we ask ourselves is: is this pond white or is it blue?

White water in New England is white, according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Marine Biology.

Researchers used a thermometer and a temperature probe to measure the water temperature and dissolved oxygen levels in several ponds in the region.

When they turned the thermometer on and off to gauge the temperature, the water froze.

Blue water is clear.

The study looked at two ponds in a small community of lakes.

The lakes are located on the New England coast in northern New Hampshire.

Researchers found that in the coldest months of the year, the pond’s temperature dropped from the freezing point of water to the freezing depth of the water.

The ponds were blue in color, the researchers said.

The ponds were also found to be warmer in winter when they had low levels of dissolved oxygen, indicating they were warmer than normal.

But when the pond was over 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it began to become blue.

That’s because dissolved oxygen was also high, indicating the water was warmer.

This phenomenon occurs in lakes that are at the freezing edge of the lake.

They then start to lose dissolved oxygen and freeze.

The researchers said the findings indicate that the cold water is also affecting the lakes’ water chemistry.

White lakes in New York have higher dissolved oxygen than their blue counterparts.

Blue lakes are generally considered to be colder than their white counterparts.

So while it might not sound like a big deal, it can affect how the lake looks in the spring and fall, and the ability to attract fish, said Dr. Robert Waddell, the study’s lead author.

Dr. Waddel said that the results are consistent with a phenomenon called blue lake hypothermia, which is when the lake freezes in the summer.

This is because the ice and snow have been melted away, leaving behind the lake’s bottom layer.

That ice and water is now trapped in a lake, he said.

There is a way to tell whether a pond was white or not in the first place, Waddelsaid.

“The bottom layer is more reflective, and it’s more like a sponge.

It’s harder to see.

It looks white, but it’s actually dark.”

Waddell said that it’s important to know that the study only measured the temperature of the pond and not the temperature at the bottom.

“If you look at the temperature directly, you’ll see that the pond has actually cooled,” he said, adding that a warmer pond can actually be beneficial to fish.

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