‘I’m not a racist’ and ‘I don’t hate anybody’ – Michaela Wilson

Posted May 13, 2018 03:00:23In the wake of the election of Donald Trump as US president, some Australian politicians have taken to Twitter to denounce him, and to offer their thoughts on the new US president.

The Australian Greens leader has already called out the US president for his “fear mongering” and his “blatant disrespect” for the democratic process, while the Labor leader has also expressed her distaste for Trump.

But Michaela Walker-Cox, the leader of the independent Left Labor Party, says she’s not a “racist” and that she’s “not a xenophobe”.

“I’m very much of the view that we’ve got to respect all the different cultures that we come from,” she said.

“And I think that that’s something that has been a bit of a difficult subject for many people in Australia.”

She said the current situation was “very much an international crisis” and the Australian government should “look at how we can help”.

“And that would be to recognise and honour the dignity of our countrymen and women,” she added.

Ms Walker-Pox, who won the seat of Vale in the 2015 election, has become a strong supporter of Ms Wilson, the US Democratic presidential candidate.

In 2016, Ms Wilson ran against her former political rival for the seat, Senator Tammy Baldwin.

“I am a very strong supporter for her, she is very much in my heart,” Ms Walker-Apo told ABC News Breakfast.

“I don’ think it’s a question of whether she’s a racist, it’s not like she’s said that she hates anybody.

She has spoken about how we need to do better.”

She’s very strong on that.

“Ms Wilson has also endorsed Ms Baldwin, saying she would do everything she could to ensure the former US senator’s election.

The Left Labor leader said the “frightening” behaviour of Mr Trump was not new to her, but was “new to Australian politics”.”

We are not immune to the sort of rhetoric that is coming from the US administration,” she told ABC Radio.”

But, I think, particularly from people in the Democratic Party, particularly the party in Australia, they’ve really lost their minds.

“They’ve lost their ability to really make sense of what’s happening.”

Ms Walker -Pox said the US government had “failed” its own people, and it needed to take responsibility for the consequences of its actions.

“We need to be able to recognise that, look at the problems we’re facing, look into the solutions that we need, look to the policies that have been put in place, and work to get those policies implemented,” she explained.

“That’s what I believe is the responsibility of our political parties, not to go out and attack one another but to recognise the failings of our governments.”


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