Lake City, Colorado, will be the next major American city to ban fracking

Lake City has decided to ban hydraulic fracturing, a controversial practice that uses water to force rocks underground to release toxic chemicals.

The city council voted unanimously Monday to enact the measure following a citywide hearing that drew a crowd of nearly 300 people.

The move comes amid a national debate over fracking, which uses high-pressure water, sand and chemicals to extract oil and gas.

Lake City is just one of more than a dozen municipalities that have made similar decisions in recent years.

Critics say the practice is damaging the environment and causes earthquakes and wastewater spills.

At least 25 states have banned fracking, including California, where residents overwhelmingly voted to ban it in 2014.

Lake City, which is a major hub for the nation’s oil and natural gas industry, was not among them.

It is one of only four U.S. cities with a moratorium on fracking.

A number of other states have passed similar measures in recent months, including Texas, which passed a law last week that bans fracking on public lands and waters.

Fellow Republican state Sen. Jim Renacci of West Virginia, the chair of the Senate Environmental Protection and Energy Committee, called the vote a “big victory” for the state.

“Lake City’s decision will have an impact on the rest of the nation,” he said in a statement.

We are very pleased with this action by the residents of Lake City and look forward to continuing to work with other states to make this work.”