Lake placid, Lake trout and the big picture

It was a pretty quiet day for trout at the Great Lakes.

But not for the Great Lake’s lake trout.

“They’re a bit out of it,” says Nick McNeil, a member of the Great River Trout Association.

Lake placid is a form of lake trout that’s very rare in the Great Basin.

But in the early 1900s, a population of placid trout was found on Lake Michigan.

The lake trout were also found on the shores of Lake Erie.

“We were looking at the fish in the lake, and there were so many fish that it just looked like they had been put in a box and kept away from the sun,” McNeil says.

While the lake trout are considered a rare species, they’re also a beautiful sight in Lake Michigan, the world’s largest freshwater lake.

Nick McNeil is a member to the Great river trout association.

But the lake is a bit under water.

And while it’s not the biggest lake in the world, the Great lake’s trout population has been steadily declining in recent years.

In 2014, there were just about 7,000 fish left on Lake Erie, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

That’s a decline of nearly half since 2014.

It’s a trend that’s been happening for decades, but it’s only been getting worse.

So in 2016, the US Geological Survey reported that Lake Erie’s trout were the last fish on the Great lakes.

That year, there weren’t enough fish left to make up for the declining population.

To put things in perspective, in 2014 there were fewer than 13,000 lake trout left on the entire Great Lakes, according the USGS.

That was down from nearly 50,000 in 2002.

A lot of the population was just being shipped off to Mexico, and they were killed in the process.

Now that the Great Rivers are in a bad spot, it’s also a concern that the lake’s also disappearing.

Last year, the lake was declared an endangered species, meaning the fish are listed as endangered.

And this year, in addition to the population decline, the fish is being shipped to other states.

Many of the fish on Lake Superior are now being shipped out of the area to be sold to processors in the US.

McNeil says the lake should be safe, but we can’t ignore what’s happening to the fish.

He says the lakes are in good shape, but the fish aren’t.

“Lake Superior has a pretty good habitat right now, and we’re trying to maintain it,” McNeill says.

“And we want to be able to see the fish, so we’re keeping the lake safe.

We just need to keep fish safe.”

Nick McNNeil says Lake Superior is in good condition, but not enough fish are left.

There’s been a lot of talk about what to do about the fish’s plight.

One of the key points to keep in mind is that there’s no one way to save the fish population, McNeil explains.

For now, the only way to do it is to keep it in Lake Superior.

You can read more about lake trout in the story here.

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