The New York Times’ New York Post’s new front page features a picture of a man wearing a baseball cap with the words “Babe Ruth” and the words #RuthMustDie

Posted October 29, 2018 11:30:53In its new front-page image, the New York-based Times on Thursday unveiled a new logo featuring the words: “Babies Must Die” and a caption that reads, “This is a new era for The New England Patriots.”

In a blog post titled “New Logo for The Boston Globe,” the Times said the logo, which has been designed by “a collective of digital designers, will be displayed on The Boston Herald’s front page from Thursday, Oct. 29 through Sunday, Nov. 5.”

The logo is the latest example of the paper’s new logo format, which is designed to showcase more diverse types of content and to give a greater sense of editorial independence.

The Times has previously used a format known as “The Post-It Note,” which uses a small white rectangle to display content from various news sources.

The newspaper has said it will adopt the new logo to reflect its “New England ethos of innovation and openness.”

The Times did not name the people behind the design.

The Herald, which also features a new front story on Thursday about the arrest of an officer, has also been using a new look since its new logo was unveiled.