‘Lake Pleasant’ to host the European Championship in 2019

Lake Pleasant, New Jersey, was chosen to host Euro 2020’s continental championship in 2019 as a major city.

The Lake Pleasant Town Center, which includes a lake and two parks, will be the home of the 2018 Euro 2020 final between France and Germany.

“We are delighted to welcome the Lake Pleasant community to Lake Pleasant for the 2019 Euro 2020,” said Dan Littman, president of the Lake Pines Convention & Visitors Bureau, which organized the 2018 event.

“It is a great honor to host this historic event.

It’s a great opportunity for Lake Pins to be recognized and to have their name and image in the spotlight.”

Littmeister said the lake was chosen as the site because it will be in the best location in the world to host a major championship.

“Lake Pleasant is the perfect setting for the championship.

It is within the same metropolitan area as New York City, so it has a lot of the same features and amenities as the other cities,” Littmeier said.

“People will be able to enjoy the water and the scenery.

The lake is beautiful, with a lake view, and people can see the Atlantic Ocean and the Statue of Liberty.

The crowds will be very large, and the tournament will be held in an environment that is inviting.”

Lottman said that the Lake Paradise Convention & Tour Committee has submitted the name of the tournament for 2019 to the International Olympic Committee, which is considering the possibility of hosting the competition in the United States.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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