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A group of Russian researchers have published an important new study that shows that the lake in Algiers, which was once a major fishing destination, is a particularly good choice for guests.

The lake in the French-speaking town of Algier was once home to the biggest fishing fleet in the world, with a fleet estimated to be worth $US200bn.

The researchers, who analysed satellite imagery, said it would be more than possible to reach a larger number of fish in Algonquins lake than in the surrounding French town of Villeneuve-Lacolle.

They said it was the only lake in Europe that had such a large concentration of fish.

However, the scientists did note that Algirans lake had some serious problems, including a large number of shallow, shallow-water coves, which have a tendency to attract small, highly aggressive fish.

Algiers lake is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Photo: Alexandre Haffey/AFPThe Algirians lake is also home to one of the world’s oldest lakes, which is believed to be the oldest in Europe.

However the scientists noted that the lakes capacity is limited, with the current population of Algonquin fish estimated at only 3,000.

This makes it a poor choice for a family, the researchers said, adding that their findings should be taken into account by local authorities and other fishing groups.

Algonquin anglers have been complaining for years about the presence of big, aggressive fish in the lake, as well as a low oxygen level, making it difficult for them to see the fish.

The researchers also noted that a lack of access to the lake meant that anglers could not find suitable fishing sites.

They added that although Algiris lake is popular with tourists, many Algonques families have had to move to other parts of the lake because of pollution from nearby farms.

This, in turn, has contributed to the decline in fish stocks.

The Algonqins lake has been polluted by farms since the mid-1970s.

Photo: Alain Bujold/AFPAlgirias lake has an abundance of small, dark blue and white fish.

Photo by Alexandre Hooper/AFPAs well as having some good food, Algirains lake is the home of a variety of other fish, including the blue and goldfish.

But these are no longer found in Algnouveau or Algroume lakes, and Algri-Algouds is also known as the “Lake of the Wild”, where fishermen gather to catch their catch.

The lakes water quality has been improved in recent years, but many Algiereys residents have complained of poor water quality.

They say the lake is polluted by farming activities and by a high number of coves.

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