Michigan’s Lake Michigan will not be named a ‘water park’

Michigan’s lake is the “waterslide” of Lake Michigan and will no longer be a water park, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality announced Friday.

Michigan DEQ chief Andy Holt announced the decision at the State of the State Address, which was held at the Governor’s Mansion in Ann Arbor.

“The lake is not a water source,” Holt said.

“Lake Michigan is a great asset to the state of Michigan.

It is our heritage, and it should be recognized for that.”

Holt explained that the state is working on a plan to rename the lake.

“We have a process in place, which will take place this summer,” Holt explained.

“We will be working with the Michigan Parks & Recreation Department and other partners to identify the names and locations of the designated water park areas and designate the appropriate sites for the planned water park.”

Hoyt also stated that he is working with other agencies to develop an additional $1 million grant to purchase the property that currently sits vacant.

Holt said that the lake is already a great resource, and that it will continue to be so in the future.

“As long as we can be open to all the people who are interested in visiting, we have a great lake to see,” Holt continued.

“I just hope that people are more aware of the importance of our lake.”

Hooker Lake is a reservoir located on the lake shore in Lake Huron, Michigan.

The lake, which is the longest in the state, was once a major tourist attraction.

The lake is home to an assortment of wildlife, including moose, deer, elk, ducks, moose and many more.

In January, the Lake Hurons Natural Resources Commission recommended that the Lake Michigan State Park Commission name Hooker Lake a waterpark, in line with a state park designation.

The Lake Hurón Water Park and Recreation Commission approved the recommendation by a 2-1 vote.

The decision was also made in support of the Lake Pontchartrain National Recreation Area’s recommendation that the Michigan Park Commission and the State Park Service designate Hooker as a water theme park.

The water park was initially named the “Turtle Lake” in honor of former President Theodore Roosevelt, who spent his life swimming and playing in the lake during his first presidential term.

In his memoir, Roosevelt said he had always thought the lake should be named the Turtle Lake because “I can still see the golden locks of the sea, and the beautiful waters that spring up out of the lake and run through the mountains.”

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