Which state has the best nude beaches?

The Times Of India, India’s biggest daily, published an article on Monday titled “Which state has better nude beaches?”

The article noted that the state with the highest number of beaches in the top five list is the state of Louisiana, where the average number of nude beaches per capita is 2.4, the second highest number in the country.

The Times article also pointed out that there are over 70 nude beaches in Louisiana, with the state’s highest total number of nudist beaches being 9, followed by New York with 9, California with 7, and Florida with 7.

The article, which was shared on social media, added that Louisiana has more nudist parks than any other state, including Alaska, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming.

The article also noted that while the state has an average number for the number of visitors per capita of 1.65, the average daily visitors in the state is 4,857.